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Our Board and Committee is made up entirely of volunteers who dedicate their after work and weekend hours to serving the LGBTQA+ and Two Spirit community of the Sioux Falls area.

Steering Committee

Jimmy | Vice President Elected Fall 2019

Jimmy (he/him/his) is a South Dakota transplant moving here from the West Coast over 15 years ago. He currently manages the Service Department for a locally owned furniture company located in Eastern South Dakota. He also has a child accepting and involved in LGBTQIA and 2-Spirit events throughout the community. Jimmy joined Sioux Falls Pride in 2019 to become more involved in the community as someone who came out later in life. He strives to bring new and exciting ideas, events, and activities to Sioux Falls Pride and our community.

Cody | Board Secretary | Elected Fall 2019
Cody Ingle Headshot.
I have lived in Sioux Falls for 7 years now, and I work at the Center for Family Medicine as an Application Support Specialist. I'm very interested in healthcare equity within the LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirited Community. I also bartender in downtown Sioux Falls at Lucky's. I am passionate about advocacy work for the community and being involved in the political process as a way to help perpetuate change in the state. I work to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion education to businesses in the Sioux Falls community. I live with my partner, Josh, on the Southeast side of Sioux Falls.
Jeremiah | Treasurer | Elected Fall 2022
Rachel | Marketing Director | Elected Spring 2019 
Rachel Polan headshot
I’m nonbinary, and use they/them pronouns.
I joined the Sioux Falls Pride team as a volunteer in 2018 after working for the organization as an intern for my Spring semester in the Journalism program at Augustana University. I find the most joy working with local businesses and other organizations to keep Sioux Falls Pride engaged in our community and intersectional in our advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ and Two-Spirit Community. 

Board Members at Large 

Brian | Board Member | Elected Fall 2021
Erica | Board Member | Elected Fall 2021
My pronouns are she/they. I grew up in a small conservative town in SW MN and moved to Sioux Falls as soon as I turned 18 for a more accepting environment. Now I've been here for about 6 years and work as a banker, bartender, and for a local haunted house - Terror 29, during Halloween time. I've been involved with Sioux Falls Pride since I moved here. Starting with attending events, eventually joining the committee, and now on the board of directors. I joined the board because even though I found an accepting place to call home in Sioux Falls, not everyone has. There's still a lot of work to be done and improvements to be made to make our city and state a more welcoming and safe place for the LGBTQIA+ 2 Spirit community. I don't want to see anymore 18 year olds move away like I did, the first chance they get to find acceptance. I want to bring that acceptance here.
Bobbi Jo | Board Member | Elected Fall 2021
I am a therapist, farmer, and venue owner. I own a small farm called Nom Nom Gardens south of Sioux Falls with my husband, and our little one. I love working with Sioux Falls Pride, and having the opportunity to create safe, welcoming spaces for those within our community, as well as working on education, and advocacy around issues that affect those within the LGBTQIA+ community.
JP | Board Member | Elected Fall 2021
If pronouns are necessary, mine are He/Him/His. I currently have a Political and Business Consulting firm in Sioux Falls and work part-time as a Manager at Crooked Pint Ale House. I have known my own sexual orientation since I was 9 or 10 and battled the demons of being a gay man in a conservative city and State, and the discrimination that drove me out of South Dakota. I returned to South Dakota after 25 years in Texas and 20+ years in Florida working with THE PRIDE CENTER of Fort Lauderdale on the Committee that planned Community Outreach, Fundraising and support for our large LGBTQ+ Community. I joined Sioux Falls Pride to help open more doors and opportunities to LGBTQ & TS+ persons and help them face the Demons, Discrimination and Walls that remain. I am now an open book to the world and live by, “Accept Me or Move Out of My Way”.
Tray | Board Member | Elected Fall 2022
Tray Mendez Headshot Tray Mendez Photo

When community and support connections are placed at the center the conditions of overall wellness ripen. Wellness Advocacy helps cultivate relationships ever welcoming with yourself and others.

Tray (they/them/theirs) is a non binary, second generation American person, born to Chilean immigrants in California and raised in South Dakota. As the Health and Wellness chair of Sioux Falls Pride, Tray hopes to create safe and accessible wellness spaces for under served communities such as the LGBTQIA2S, Black, Indigenous and people of color. 
Anna | Board Member | Elected Fall 2022
Anna's Headshot 
My name is Anna and my pronouns are she/her. I am a spouse, a parent, and I work as a software engineer. I have also been a public school teacher in South Dakota and believe it is important to advocate for youth and find ways for their voices to be heard. My journey as a transgender woman has involved overcoming fear and finding self-acceptance, and I strive to help other LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit people find the support and community we all need. I am excited to be a part of Sioux Falls Pride and help our diverse community in the Sioux Falls area and across the state.
Hadass | Board Member | Elected Fall 2022
Hadass Headshot  
My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a Broker-Realtor® at a local real estate company, EXIT Realty - Great Plains. I have lived in Sioux Falls since December of 2018. Since moving, I have become more involved in the community by volunteering at different organizations that are important to me. I grew up with a gay dad and his partner for most of my childhood. My goal as an Ally of the LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit family is to provide a safe space where everyone can feel at home. I have loved helping organize events in Sioux Falls where people can celebrate who they are.
Behai | Board Member | Elected Fall 2022

Committee Members

Want to join the SuFu Pride Planning Committee? Request to join our committee Facebook group, found here. All we ask is that you attend our meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month.