Due to an increase in demand, orders will now be mailed once per week by our volunteers. Thanks for understanding!


Our Board and Committee is made up entirely of volunteers who dedicate their after work and weekend hours to serving the LGBTQA2S+ community of the Sioux Falls area.

Board of Directors

Matt Neufeld             Board President
Cody Ingle                Vice President
Mike Merkel              Board Member
Jimmy Diaz              Board Member
Holli Finch               Board Member
Rachel Polan           Marketing Director
Felicia Rabine        Board Member

Committee Members

Want to join the SuFu Pride Committee? Request to join our committee Facebook group, found here. All we ask is that you attend our meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Brian Borden             Volunteer Coordinator
Monica & Lynn Serling-Swank       Pride Store Coordinators
Casey Steinberg                  Pride Volunteer
Martina Shakers                  Pride Volunteer
Stephen Simmons              Pride Volunteer
Cari Weddell                       Pride Volunteer
Amber Woldt                      Pride Volunteer