Thank you to our 2020 Digital Pride Presenting Sponsor Wells Fargo and 2020 Partnership Sponsor AARP of Sioux Falls!  

Sioux Falls Pride week kicked off with the lighting of the Arc of Dreams in rainbow on June 14th sponsored by our 2020 Partnership Sponsor - AARP of Sioux Falls!

 In celebration of our 2020 Sioux Falls Pride festival, Sioux Falls Pride hosted Support the Herd Giveaways all month long. 

Sioux Falls Pride is passionate about supporting our local, LGBTQ2S+ businesses and community members! In support, Sioux Falls Pride was able to purchase gift cards from many of our supporting businesses and hosted giveaways leading up to Pride Month! 

It was amazing to help give back to the businesses who supported our community! 

On June 20th, 2020, Sioux Falls Pride celebrated 20 Years of Pride!

In light of the pandemic, a smaller gathering was held at Sioux Falls City Hall where our attendees proudly flew their pride flags over City Hall. 

The gathering lasted approx. 1 hour starting at 9AM and ending at 10AM.

At the 2020 Visibility Gathering, Councilperson Pat Starr read the proclamation of Pride Month in Sioux Falls signed by Mayor Paul TenHaken.

Sioux Falls Pride Committee and Board Members stood proud flying pride flags outside City Hall in recognition of the visibility of the LGBTQA+ community.

The event also had speakers from the Sioux Falls Pride organization. 

Sioux Falls Pride also had its first partnership with the Levitt Foundation to host 'Levitt In Your Living Room.' 


 Stay updated on upcoming events! Text PRIDE to 555-888 to join the herd!