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Lesbian Flag

Lesbian Flag

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Lesbian Pride Flag! 3ftx5ft, grommeted. 

Updated by Emily Gwen, this new design includes gender non-conforming individuals. See her info here:

Origins of the Lesbian flag/colors: (source)

 Lesbian: A female-identified person who is attracted to other female-identified people, and also presents more traditionally “feminine” in appearance.

History: The word “lesbian” literally means resident of the island Lesbos and became synonymous with women who like women in reference to the island’s most famous resident, Sappho, a female poet who wrote many love poems to other women around 600 BCE.

The use of the term “lesbian” can be traced to sometime in the 1800s. Before that, the term “sapphic” was used to refer to women who liked other women.

The word gained popularity as part of a movement in the late 1960s to differentiate themselves from gay men. There are many other variations of the lesbian flag, including ones specifically for butch lesbians and labrys lesbians.

Flag Meaning: The colors of red, purple, and pink represent traditionally feminine colors.