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Demisexual Pride Flag

Demisexual Pride Flag

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3ft x 5ft grommeted fabric flag

Origins of the Demisexual flag/colors: (source)

Demisexual: Feeling sexual attraction to someone only after forming a deep emotional bond with them. Part of the broader asexual community.

History: The term demisexual was coined in 2006 on the forums of The Asexual Visibility & Education Network (AVEN) by user “sonofzeal”, and started to gain widespread popularity in 2008. “Sonofzeal” felt neither completely asexual nor completely non-asexual, so coining demisexual helped him more accurately describe him needing an emotional as a prerequisite to sexual attraction.

It is unknown how or when the demisexual flag came to be, but it is very similar to the asexual flag in its use of colors, which itself was based off the AVEN logo. The flag continues to gain popularity as the asexual community continues to become more visible.

Flag Meaning
Black: Asexuality
Grey: Asexuality and Demi-sexuality
White: Sexuality
Purple: Community