Everyone Has a Center

It’s that one thing we cling to through the challenges and joys life brings us. Your center gives you purpose. It drives you and keeps you grounded. For some, it’s family and relationships. For others it’s music or faith. Perhaps your center is the LGBT community you’ve celebrated with at Sioux Falls Pride or the friends you’ve made at our transgender support group. Everyone has a center and The Center for Equality wants to be part of yours.

What ever your center may be, we want you to share it with us and the rest of the world.

Thomas’s Center: Friends

My name is Thomas Wayne Lewis, and my center is my friends. My friends have always accepting me for who I am, before and after I came out. They keep…

Ashley’s Center: Creating Happiness

I believe that we all have something to contribute to society. It is important for me as a manager to support our artists as well as be here to…

Josh’s Center: Music

I’ve always had a notion that I was different, but I could never put the finger on why I didn’t quite fit in the cookie mold society thought I should…

Participate – Share Your Center


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