StudioBlu Photography

about us:


in order of importance:

we are a couple.

we are parents of Camilla Blu.

we are close to our family.

we are friends.

we are photographers.

we create out of necessity. it is our compulsion. we are inspired by art and design, music and culture. it is the blood in our veins. we are aspiring to our own perfection.


who are our clients?

our clients are creative people with vision.

our clients are cool. beyond the traditional definitions.

our clients are bankers and concrete layers, nurses and design professionals, chefs and teachers, computer programmers and professional athletes, skateboarders and banjo players, painters and retail workers.

our clients become our friends. they are everything.


Contact Sioux Falls Pride


Sioux Falls Pride
P.O. BOX 2403
Sioux Falls, SD 57101

(605) 610-9206

There are no regular office hours as we are a volunteer board of directors.

Please call or email with any questions.

For marketing or business inquiries, contact our Marketing Director at