Hawser is a start-up software company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that is crafting an innovative and more personal way to stay connected with individuals and organizations that matter to you. They are much more than just a free social messaging app. This is designed to couple creative technologies that benefit certified nonprofits first and foremost, in addition to a free fundraising app that orchestrates a greater number of smaller donations, without taking any portion of them. Hawser also plans to have this app utilized to not only offer a seamless way to give to non-profits, but allow a unique way for volunteers to express interest and get involved in their community.

Hawser is currently in the process of developing their free and revolutionary app that will act as a supplement to any 501(c)(3)’s current development plan, by collecting and transferring small donations without taking a penny. In addition to offering an effortless way for volunteers to get involved.

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