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16 Oct
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The Washington Pavilion welcomes the comedic brilliance of Paula Poundstone from NPR’s news quiz show “Wait Wait Don’t Tell ME” to the Sioux Empire area!

While there is no doubt that Poundstone is funny, the thing that probably separates her from the typical comic which has made her a legend among her peers and audiences alike is her ability to be spontaneous with a crowd.  Poundstone says:  “No two shows I do are the same. It’s not that I don’t repeat material. I do. My shows, when they’re good, and I like to think they often are, are like a cocktail party. When you first get there, you talk about how badly you got lost and how hard it was to find parking. Then you tell a story about your kids or what you just saw on the news. You meet some new people and ask them about themselves. Then, someone says, “Tell that story you used to tell,” and then someone on the other side of the room spills a drink, and you mock them. No one ever applauds me when I leave a party, though. I think they high five.”


Watch Paula on Craig Ferguson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6WnBZ5G6fc

Visit Paula at: http://www.paulapoundstone.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/paulapoundstone

Twitter: http://twitter.com/PaulaPoundstone