CWA Passes Support of Transgender Inclusive Healthcare

Pride at Work is proud to announce that CWA unanimously passed a resolution at their April 2013 Convention supporting our campaign to end transgender exclusions in healthcare coverage!

There was great excitement coming out of our LGBT Labor Leadership Training that happened last week; CWA members took that with them to their convention and got this resolution passed! We must thank our former Co-President, Donna Cartwright, our current Co-President, Shane Larson and many of our other CWA Pride at Work members for their hard work. This resolution speaks to the hard work P@W and our allies have put into our Trans Month of Action and expanding itto an ongoing campaign. We will continue informing all unions of the importance of inclusive health care benefits for our transgender brothers and sisters.

You can see the resolution language below:


CWA opposes all forms of discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of gender
identity, and

Transgender and gender non-conforming people have great difficulty securing affordable,
comprehensive healthcare, and

Many transgender people are denied health insurance when they disclose their transgender
status or transition-related medical history to a potential insurer; and

Most health insurance policies still specifically exclude transgender-related care and
services and

Denial or inaccessibility of healthcare has life-long effects on people’s ability to learn, work,
and care for themselves mentally and physically; and

Currently many private- and public-sector employers and several International Unions
currently provide transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage; and

CWA believes that all union members and staff should have access to affordable,
comprehensive quality healthcare, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that CWA supports public and private trans-inclusive health insurance
coverage; and be it further

RESOLVED CWA opposes exclusions of coverage for transgender individuals, and be it

RESOLVED that CWA endorses and supports efforts to remove health insurance
exclusions that prevent transgender people from accessing medically necessary care and to
ensure that quality healthcare coverage is available to everyone, including transgender


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